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Are you passionate about making a positive impact with fashion?  Want to drive change and make a difference to the future of fashion consumption? 

Join us at Curobe! 

Curobe is a platform for impact driven fashion businesses that share our mission for driving more conscious consumption in fashion. 

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Be discovered - by the right customer!

We’re not just another product marketplace.

We automatically curate your items, to make personalised recommendations to users based on their body shape, size and fit. 


Because regardless of budget, brand, quality or style, fit is a key aesthetic factor that every woman looks for when clothes shopping.  At Curobe, we tackle this head on at the start of every curation journey.  Our curation engine works by creating a body profile for each user, to understand their dress preferences and body shape.  We then use this profile to drive the shopping journey, only curating items and providing sizing recommendations that are relevant to the user, based on their body shape, fit and size. 

Not only does this enhance discoverability for your brand, it also makes your items more accessible to customers, as they will always conveniently be viewed first, based on the style and fit that works best for the customer.

Work and grow with us!

Our success will be based on creating value for you, as our brand partner. 

We are all working together to create a sustainable fashion future and that means we view each and every partnership as a valuable collaboration, that brings us closer towards that future.  When we work with you, we include your brand in all we do, from our social pages to features on our Curoblog.  

We don’t want to be viewed as just an affiliate or revenue stream and we definitely don’t feel that way about our brand partners.  That is why we operate on a bespoke subscription model. 

Got a minute?  Here’s a short demo that shows how Curobe works:

Tackle product returns due to size & fit!

We know how disruptive this is, especially for a smaller business with tighter stock controls.  Also, the last thing you want is to double your carbon footprint for those returned items, due to entirely avoidable sizing or fitting issues.

That is why we have developed our unique customer journey that is centred on helping the user find the right fit and size, first time.

Our curation engine uses actual garment sizes, taking into account the materials used and any functional and design ease, to provide accurate and usable sizing recommendations and guidance.  Where this information is already available on your website, we can directly pull this through into our curation engine with no additional work for you.

What do I need to start?

We know you’re busy and your time is valuable, so rather than a long assessment form, we prefer to have a short chat initially, at a time that’s convenient for you. 

We also appreciate that sustainability is a highly complex term and all our brand partners take an action and make an impact in their own ways.  Whether that’s producing with all organic and natural fibres, offering supply chain transparency, obtaining the highest certifications in fair trade and sustainability compliance, or simply working with small local artisans to reduce your carbon footprint.  Or maybe it’s all of the above!

Whatever it may be, if your business is built on making a positive impact and working to help customers choose and buy better, we would love to hear from you!

We just need a few small details, including your name, email address and brand website, which you can input through the link below and we will send you a short email to schedule a 15 mins introductory chat.  

Let's chat!

Interested in a collaboration?  You can reach us at connect@curobe.com.

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About Amanda Ip

Hi there - I'm Amanda, the founder of Curobe. My journey with Curobe started with a frustration of not being able to find the simplest of items for my wardrobe. Despite the plethora of choices out there, I found nothing that could help me choose and buy what I wanted, that fit my body and shape. I would just like to avoid sifting through hundreds of items, just to find a pair of smart casual trousers that fit me! That is why I started Curobe, to create a place that helps women choose and buy better, starting with the basics: finding good quality items that fit well!

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