Flattering conscious dress styles for your body shape: Summer to Autumn!

We’re sharing a few flattering dress styles for different body shapes, chosen from a selection of slow fashion and conscious brands, to take us through the rest of British Summer Time.

While the nights are cooling down a bit in the UK, we’re hopeful that there is a blast of sun around the corner and those summer dresses will still have a few outings before the chill sets in!  These easy to wear styles can also be layered up (cue leggings, tights, cardigans, turtleneck layers and chunky knits) for any early autumn days that might creep up on us.  

Dressing for balanced and straighter figures

This may sometimes be referred to as a rectangle, ruler or athletic shape.   

Three dresses:  v-neck red dress with ruffled asymmetric hem, black fitted dress with structured collar and defined waist band, cream vest suit dress with double collar and big hip pockets
Dresses from Baukjen, Gaâla and Rare & Fair
More structured styles and defined waistlines help break up a straighter silhouette

Dressing for broader hips and comparatively wider bottom halves

This might be referred to as a triangle or pear shape.

Three dresses:  white midi dress with wide ruffled straps, blue v-neck patterned midi dress with ruffled hemline, halter neck deep blue linen midi dress with elasticated waistband and a line skirt
Dresses from People Tree and Linen Handmade Studio
Embellishments and volume around the bust and shoulders accentuates the top half

Dressing for broader shoulders and comparatively slimmer bottom halves 

This might be referred to as the inverted-triangle shape.  

Three dresses: Red v-neck maxi dress with asymmetric hem, black mini-dress with tier ruffled skirt, navy midi dress with wide shoulder straps
Dresses from Lifegist, Jan & June and Baukjen
Shift the focus downwards and keep it simple up top

Dressing for a more rounded shape

This might be referred to as an apple or oval shape.

Three dresses:  light checkered pattern midi dress with a wrap-around empire waistline, green and white patterned knee-length wrap dress, black belted tunic with simple v-neckline
Dresses from Baukjen, Sugarhill Brighton & Cat Turner London
Create waist definition without accentuating the mid-section

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