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Curobe's Top to Bottom Styling Tips: Broad Shoulders

Each one of us has a different relationship with our body, the clothes we wear and the way that clothes make us feel! Here at Curobe we want to empower you to feel like the best version of yourself when you get dressed. Finding clothes that make you feel incredible about your body will make you look your best.

Styling tips for an inverted triangle:  This body shape generally refers to where your shoulders are noticeably wider than your hips. Usually, there is little waist definition and hips are straight rather than rounded.

Let’s take it from the Top!

For an inverted triangle body shape, the right neckline is a good place to start for an amazing outfit. A deep scoop neck or v-line top can really help bring in your shoulders, by accentuating and elongating the neckline!  For tops, options with defined shoulder seams that are fitted to your shoulder line works best.  Consider styles that can help create length, bringing focus down the torso, e.g a wrap top or a peplum which flares at the waist is a perfect way to compliment your figure.

Woman standing outdoors with a white bicycle, wearing a light coloured v-neck wrap top in short sleeves.
A beautiful wrap style top from our partner Jenerous that is perfect for spring!

Layer it up

Jackets and coats without padded shoulders are best, to avoid adding unnecessary bulk, as that can accentuate the shoulders and create an uneven silhouette.  When searching for a jacket, either a straight style or one which cinches in at the waist is perfect for people with broader shoulders. Go with the natural lines of your body and avoid tailored or overly structured jackets. You should opt for a jacket which ends below the waistline.

Bottoms up!

Adding volume to the leg line can be a great way to compliment the inverted triangle body shape, so a straight or looser fit generally works better than skinny fit jeans or trousers.  Wide leg trousers or culottes can look amazing. Flared trousers or boot cut trousers can be a great alternative if you’re looking for a different vibe. A baggy or boyfriend jean could also be something to explore, offering a complimentary silhouette to suit your shape.

Female model wearing a pair of light grey comfy culottes
Cucumber Clothing
A super comfy example of Culottes from our brand partner Cucumber Clothing!

Don’t Skirt Around it

Skirts are ideal for adding volume to the hip area and options such as a flared, pleated or circle skirts can be great options! For shorter skirts, box pleats like on a tennis skirt, or a tulip shape can be good alternatives. For a longer skirt, consider bigger skirts that might have layers, ruffles or tiering.  

Dress it up

Dresses for an inverted triangle body shape look amazing when they flare out from the waist area. You could opt  for a fuller skirt or something that’s more classic, with a simpler straighter shape, styles that help define the waistline, while adding some volume or accentuation to the bottom half will best flatter your silhouette. 

Female model wearing a light grey patterned a-line dress with a deep v neck line and a black t-shirt underneath
A lovely example of an A-Line style dress from our brand partner Mayamiko!

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