Curobe's Top to Bottom Styling Tips: Petite Body Shape

Each one of us has a different relationship with our body, the clothes we wear and the way that clothes make us feel! Here at Curobe we want to empower you to feel like the best version of yourself when you get dressed. Finding clothes that make you feel incredible about your body will make you look your best.

Styling tips for a petite frame or petite body shape:  While petite women can come in many different shapes, traditionally the term refers to body heights of under 5”4 or 163cm. 

Let’s take it from the Top!

A great place to start when finding the perfect top for a petite woman is to focus on the neckline. Off the shoulder tops are a great way to elongate the neckline! Alternatively, a V or Scoop-Neck can create length to the torso. If you have a longer torso, crop tops are an option that can create length and shape for your body. You don’t have to have your belly button out, we promise! If you prefer to elongate the torso, look out for a little extra length, like a top that sits just above your hip bone.

Women wearing an orange, three-quarter sleeved cropped shirt which ties at the front.
Mayamiko's Sara Tie Front Shirt


When it comes to jackets, the dimensions are the most important. Oversized styles can sometimes overwhelm your petite frame and end up hiding your shape. Another great tip is to make sure that the sleeves of your jackets aren’t too long. When the sleeves come past your wrists it can make the garment look too big for you, even if it fits everywhere else. If you do find a jacket that you really love with longer sleeves, try rolling them up and wearing it at a three quarter length, or perhaps get  them tailored to your arm length!


For a petite shape, a staple option is often the high waisted trousers or jeans. High waists are a really effective way of elevating the waistline and creating length in the legs. Matching a high waist with a shorter top can enhance this effect, particularly if you already have a longer torso. Skinny, straight or flared jeans are perfect styles for the petite frame! Vertical detailing down the side of the leg, for example vertical seams, can also create a lengthening effect. Take care when choosing bolder prints in trousers as they can overwhelm a petite frame and have the opposite effect.


With skirts, opt for something that hits above your knees rather than below. A mini or shorter styled skirt can work wonders at elongating the legs and can easily be paired with some ankle or high boots. If you’re not looking to have that much leg on show, a midi or longer length skirt with some slits is also a great alternative for more formal occasions.


Picking the right style dress for a petite frame can be quite difficult, as the garment can overwhelm your frame, especially where you have the top or bottom part fitting well, but not both! A shorter style dress e.g. a fit and flare cut, which cinches in at the waist can work really well to enhance the legs and elongate your figure, both for longer and shorter torsos. 

A wrap dress is also an easy piece to style and can work well if you have a smaller top half frame or if you are a more traditional pear or triangle shape.  Jumpsuits or playsuits are also great alternatives, as the one-piece can really help lengthen the body, the trick is to find a cut with the right proportions; a cropped or belted style might just give a bit of flexibility without the need for a trip to the seamstress!  

Woman wearing a one-piece wide legged jumpsuit in heels holding a red rose
Camila Esteves @ pexels
Jumpsuits can be a great alternative, especially something with a fitted waist!

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