How To: Find the best neckline for your body shape

Depending on your body shape, there are certain necklines that work best to help draw out and balance your natural shape.  Here we share some of the best neckline options for the different body shapes.

Best necklines for the Pear or Triangle Body Shape

Open necklines that show off your collarbones and chest are great as they draw the eyes upwards, some options include square, scoop or v-necklines! Alternatively, you can try a cowl neck which adds volume to the top half of your body. You can also achieve a similar effect with embellishments around the shoulders and neckline, such as ruffles or an off the shoulder design. Another popular option is the boat neck or bateau neckline, which helps horizontally broaden your shoulder area. 

Woman standing outside in a wood wearing a green ribbed square neck crop top and white trousers.
Maisie Kane
Give a square neckline a try!

Best necklines for Apple Body Shape

A low v- neck or scoop neck is an excellent option for people with an apple body shape as they reveal your collarbones and help to break up the top half of your body. Other necklines that help elongate the neck and shape the bust area such as the square neck, sweetheart or strapless necklines are also good options for drawing attention upwards on the torso

Best necklines for Straight or Rectangle Body Shape

Look for necklines that can help create curves, especially those that  accentuate the bustline.  V-necks, scoop necks and round necks are classic shapes that can work well for a straighter body shape.  You can also play with the neckline a bit more with off the shoulder or asymmetric tops that can add volume and interesting shapes to the top half.

Best necklines for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Slim and long necklines such as a deep and narrow scoop or v-neck draws the focus inwards which is ideal for an inverted triangle body shape! Narrow necklines should be nicely fitted around the shoulders to avoid broadening out the shoulders.. Some more interesting options such as the halter and asymmetric necklines are also good options that can help create length and break up the volume!.

Girl wearing asymmetrical orange top and black jacket
Lee chinyama
Give an asymmetric neckline a try!

Best necklines for Hourglass Body Shape

Oval or rounded necklines which aren’t too wide are great for hourglass body shapes as they don’t add or take away width to the shoulder area. Alternatively scoop or sweetheart necklines can help frame your bustline, without over accentuating!  As the hourglass is already quite shapely, the aim is to find a neckline that helps highlight those natural curves without covering up or over-emphasising that natural shape.

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