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How to: Find best outfit bottoms for your body shape

How many times have you discovered the perfect top, but just can’t find the best option to finish the look! Here at Curobe, we recognise the importance of feeling comfortable in what you wear. This starts with understanding your body shape and dressing in clothes that will flatter your figure the most!

Different bottoms suit different body shapes, and here is our quick and handy guide for everything trouser and skirt related.

Best Bottoms for Rectangle Body Shape

As the top and bottom half of the rectangle body shape tend to be equal, defining the waist is a great way to add definition. Jeans and trousers that sit on the natural waist in a slim or bootcut, can help shape a rectangular frame. Adding a belt is also an excellent way to highlight the midsection. Skirts with some extra detailing, for example ruffles or pleats can also help create shape and curves.

<em>Model dressed in pale sky-blue trousers, with orange patterned short sleeve blouse and orange sandals.</em>
Mirla Beane
Fitted slim cut trousers from partner Mirla Beane.

Best Bottoms for Pear Body Shape

Wider hips to waist mean that bottoms that skim over your legs and hips, such as bootcut trousers and mom jeans, balance out your shape and emphasise your spectacular waistline! Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe and you might want to opt for straight cut and high-rise jeans to compliment proportions.

Skirts should fall naturally around your hips and legs to accentuate the natural curves of your body. Flared shapes that fit tighter around the waist can also help balance out a more petite torso.

Best Bottoms for Apple Body Shape

Adding curves to your bottom half can effectively help balance out a fuller top. Flared or flowy trousers with a mid-rise waistband (opposed to a high-rise), creates harmony between the top and bottom half of the silhouette. Boyfriend and straight jeans are also good options for clean lines. Asymmetric skirts are also a great option to bring focus downwards and show off your lovely legs.

<em>Model dressed in white asymmetric skirt and light pink top.</em>
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Asymmetric skirts adds detail and creates a focal point.

Best Bottoms for Hourglass Body Shape

Categorised by equal hip and bust measurements with a narrow waistline, dressing the hourglass should focus on accentuating the natural shape, without unbalancing the top or bottom. High-rise trousers that nip in the waist can help bring length and also enhance your existing shape. Slim and skinny jeans also work well, but avoid low waisted styles. Classic shapes like pencil and flute skirts bring out your curves, but keep things simple to let your natural shape shine!

Best Bottoms for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Inverted triangle bodies tend to have smaller hips, so adding some volume with trousers and skirts can really compliment your shape. Wide-legged and bootcut jeans and trousers flatter your frame, with culottes being a great option if you are looking for something a bit different. Skirts that flare from the hips can visually help balance proportions. Layers, ruffles, and tiers give volume that can be complementary additions to your wardrobe!

For more tips and tricks, check out our Curoblog where we give additional advice on dressing for different body types including the common rectangle shape and pear shape. Or follow our Instagram for styling images, along with advice to help visualise your body type.

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