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Asmuss is made for adventures. Focusing on comfort and versatility their garments are ready for whatever you need to do whether that’s popping to the shops or climbing a mountain.

Asmuss was inspired by the desire to travel and see and do as much as possible but without the need to lose your style (zip off travel trousers- ick) quoted from Asmuss
Asmuss pleated dress in pine green

Asmuss was founded by a pair of passionate kiwi sisters, Clare and Fiona. The original idea was inspired by travelling and has since evolved to be about versatility; “designs that are comfortable so women are able to do whatever they set their minds to”. The garments are made to be worn for whatever you need to do that day, whether it is “work, exploring a city, heading out for dinner or going on a hike”.

Starting Asmuss it was important that we were part of the solution around sustainability and ethics quoted from Asmuss

Asmuss centres itself solidly around positive sustainability and ethics. To them, sustainable and ethical fashion means “that the impacts on people and the environment are taken into account when the designs are created and used”.

They endeavour to use as “sustainable material as possible”, while at the same time “minimising waste and caring for the people that contribute in all steps of the process”.

The aspect of Asmuss they are most proud of: The blend of style, innovation and sustainability for everyday quoted from Asmuss

As a small business, Asmuss identifies a key struggle for small sustainable brands and that is of cost. Despite what you might think, sourcing a smaller quantity of sustainable fabric is more expensive overall. This is coupled with the “price sensitivity of customers” which can be challenging as they want “lower and lower prices without thinking about what goes into a garment”.

It can be hard to cut through the noise of larger, less sustainable brands, to communicate and educate people that although the initial cost of the garments may be more, “sustainable fashion provides much better value when you look at the cost per wear basis”. Because Asmuss garments are trans-seasonal, there is valuable wear that you can make of every garment throughout the entire year.

We think it is important that people become more aware of the people involved in every step of the creation of a piece of clothing and also the huge amount of waste created by the fast fashion model. Small independent brands produce small numbers to minimise waste quoted from Asmuss

For Asmuss, the biggest benefit of employing sustainable and ethical practices in their business, is knowing that they are reducing their “impact and having a positive influence on people’s understanding of how to be more sustainable in their clothing choices”. This positive influence also extends to encouraging good practice for care of garments to increase their longevity!

Looking to the future, Asmuss “want to create clothing that allows people to look and feel great, help people to be more sustainable in their fashion purchases, all while moving toward circularity”.

Asmuss are versatile, stylish and sustainable
Curobe loves Asmuss because the clothes are made for living! Whether it's a hike in the mountains, a coffee in the city or a seaside break, Asmuss' versatile and season-less designs are made for life's adventures!
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