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How to find the best skirts for your body shape

The skirt is a tricky item to find the right fit, but such a versatile garment when you get it right. It only takes a few odd centimetres to make things too short, too long, too loose or too tight. Here is our quick and handy guide to help you find the most flattering skirt for your body shape.

Best Skirts for Rectangle Body Shape

The key for a straight or rectangle body type is to create curves. Start with a waistline defining silhouette that can help accentuate your shape. There are so many options, including fit and flare, tulip or pencil skirts. An above the knee cut can highlight the legs or alternatively, a midi or full length skirt works well to add height.

Best Skirts for Pear Body Shape

Opt for a looser fit around the hips with a traditional a-line or maxi skirt. Patterns and heavy textures on skirts can be overbearing on the pear body shape, so you might want to keep things light in texture, and consider more muted and darker tones.

Best Skirts for Apple Body Shape

Skirts are a great option for apple or circle body types, to help split up the body and create a more distinct waistline. Higher waistlines can help shape the bust line and give length to the legs, whilst skimming over the tummy area. Skirts with an asymmetric or interesting hemline can also work well.

Three skirt options shown including a green, pink and white checkered pleated midi skirt, an asymmetric navy blue midi skirt and a blue and white patterned a-line skirt
Selection of skirts from Curobe partners (Left to Right): Checkerboard Midi Skirt - Mirla Beane, Mallorca Skirt - 1 People, Camou Blue Skirt - Brava Fabrics
Consider the design details, silhouettes, lengths and fabric type to choose the best skirt for your body type.

Best Skirts for Hourglass Body Shape

Skirts can really help enhance the natural contours of your shape, with classics like the pencil skirt and bias cut being great options. Both patterned and plain skirts can work well, depending on how much you want to accentuate those curves. Keep to light and medium weight fabrics to avoid adding too much volume to the bottom half.

Best Skirts for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The skirt offers so many options that can help balance out the inverted triangle body shape. Ruffled, tiered and pleated skirts are great styles where volume is not a concern. Though take care not to overdo this, particularly if you want to create some length or if you have a slimmer shape, to avoid being overwhelmed by the detailing.

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