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Cucumber works hard to keep sustainability and ethics at the top of the agenda. Their 5 mile radius scheme promotes the power of local production. Alongside this, their garments are season-less and multi-functional meaning great wearability throughout the year!

We understand that making anything creates a carbon footprint. We want ours to be as light as possible quoted from Cucumber Clothing
We like to think that we are helping to forge a better way of dressing. People will always want new clothes, we hope they choose sustainable and ethical brands quoted from Cucumber Clothing

Cucumber was founded by two friends who saw an opportunity to “create clothing that mixed the technical attributes of sports clothing with a luxury everyday feel”. The brand began with producing sleepwear and have expanded over time to multifunctional 24/7 clothing. They have created simple, multifunctional designs that slip perfectly into every woman’s wardrobe and are still luxurious.

Cucumber clothing places a high importance on ensuring their clothes are both sustainable and ethical. A large part of this is their 5 mile radius scheme. This means that designing, sampling, grading, manufacturing and warehousing is all completed within a 5 mile radius in North London. This is something which Cucumber prides itself on!

We like to think that we are helping to forge a better way of dressing. People will always want new clothes, we hope they choose sustainable and ethical brands quoted from Cucumber clothing
Somehow the furious cycle of fast and wasteful fashion has to be stopped quoted from Cucumber clothing

Cucumber uses materials that truly fit the purpose of the garments. Their signature jersey material is “specially woven to provide intense wicking capability to keep you cool and dry”, as well as containing a “patented ‘stay-fresh’ component that kills off any odour producing bacteria”. Equally considered is their 37.5 collection which is incredibly soft, simple to care for and made with naturally produced, embedded volcanic minerals. These minerals allow for true thermoregulating technology by “regulating the humidity in the micro climate next to your skin”. Every aspect of this fabric has been carefully considered to achieve desired functionality.

As part of their sustainability journey, Cucumber also believes that “the meaning of the word ‘new’ needs to change”. When we think of new, it doesn’t have to mean brand new, but instead can be new to us. Up-cycling, recycling, second-hand and vintage clothes can be used to refresh a wardrobe. That is why Cucumber has introduced ‘pRELOVED’ onto their website. This feature allows people to buy returned items as well as “end of line, new or unused/ never made production samples”. Not only does this decrease waste, but it also helps promote circularity.

As a small sustainable and ethical brand, Cucumber notes that their biggest challenge is cost! However, despite the extra costs that are incurred in maintaining a more sustainable and ethical production model, Cucumber believes in the importance of giving people a better option.

The versatility and longevity of Cucumber’s garments is what really stands out and buying Cucumber means that you are able to rely on one garment to fulfil many needs. In Cucumber’s words: “It may cost more at the start, but you have to look at the longevity of each piece, how much and how long you will love it”.

Cucumber clothing are versatile, luxurious and practical
Curobe loves Cucumber clothing because you can dress their clothes up, down, to go out, to work out or to sleep. They are made for whatever you need them to be!
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