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How to: Find the best white t-shirt that fits

Finding the perfect white tee - wouldn’t seem like a difficult task, right?  But when you start looking for the right neckline, sleeves, length,  cutting and fabrics, there are actually so many options to consider and choose from.  So how do you find the perfect white t-shirt, a classic staple and the ideal blank canvas for any capsule wardrobe?


Here classic is best, with the scoop, v-neck or crew being crowd favourites.  Not only do these work best with most body shapes, they are also the easiest to layer and to dress up or down.  For example, polo necks might also be a popular option, but they will be harder to pair with a collared jacket in the colder months.


If you have broader shoulders or a heavier bust line, the best thing is to opt for a diagonal cut sleeve.  Capped sleeves or horizontal cut sleeves can really bulk up your frame.  On a tee, this might seem like a really small adjustment, but it can make all the difference!

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A small change like the sleeves, neckline and cutting can make all the difference with a basic white tee!


The general rule of thumb for tops is to choose a hem length that cuts at a point you’re happy to accentuate.  If you are more concerned about the length of your torso, choose a hemline that compliments i.e. if you have a short torso, maybe opt for a tee that ends past your natural waistline for a lengthening effect and vice versa. 

If you have broader hips and prefer not to highlight this area, opt for something that sits a bit higher towards your waistline.  Check out our curation questions to help you identify whether you have a longer or shorter torso!


Now this is something that really comes down to personal preference.  Whether you prefer a classic straight fitting t-shirt; a more regular fit that is roomy, but not loose fitting; or something slim, that follows your curves.  You can always accentuate your frame by starting with a good cut at the shoulder seam that sits at your shoulder line.


There are so many to choose from, but as a capsule item, it’s best to invest in something versatile for your white t-shirt.  Natural fabrics work best to accompany you through the seasons and to avoid pilling over time.  You can also find some interesting textures with natural blends such as cotton and hemp / linen or wool and cotton or silk.  Check out our earlier blog that talks about some common fibres and how they stack up on durability.

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