Rose Corps

UK Based Designer

Rose Corps brings a unique way to dress sustainably. Colourful and intricate concepts which are hand-crafted from dying to printing to construction. Bringing a traditional, artisanal feel to contemporary pieces which will be treasured in any wardrobe.

I always feel more connected to the world when I choose ethical business, especially the ones that someone has poured their heart into quoted from Rose Corps

Rose Corps was founded by Naomi. Fashion Design School had left her passion deflated with so much emphasis put on “scaling up and acquiring more workers for your concept”.

Personally, all she ever wanted was to “make clothes and express” herself. With no real plan she began to sew garments. Rose Corps was born! Transitioning into sustainable fashion allowed Naomi to “take it easy” and “focus on how much fun fashion can be”.

I still look at my clothes more as art than a product, and being a slow fashion designer really helps quoted Rose Corps

The importance of sustainability for Rose Corps was inherited from Naomi herself. She herself tries “to stay away from plastic and single use, mass manufactured products”.

However, it wasn’t straightforward to start Rose Corps as a completely sustainable brand and Naomi admits she “didn’t think it was possible”. It was through struggling to find the right fabrics that she decided to “dye and print” her own!

Now it feels like the main goal, like without sustainability there is no Rose Corps. It was a natural way to grow as a brand and a person quoted from Rose Corps

Inclusive design encompasses the brand, designing silhouettes comfortable for a range of body shapes. Intricate prints associated with the brand are loved by customers.

As Naomi states, “It still amazes me that my sketches can turn into wearable art”.

I finally feel like I contribute to a better future. I always loved making clothes, but sometimes I asked myself - what will another plastic dress do for this world? Now I feel more at peace, because I get to share more than just a dress. I can share passion, research, love and care quoted from Rose Corps

Looking to the future for the fashion industry, Rose Corps feels that “transparency is key, with the word ‘sustainability’ becoming a trend, it feels sometimes like the truth isn’t as important”.

Within this, Naomi recognises the need for sustainable brands to share the reasoning for design decisions. For example, using organic cotton received criticism that the “organic aspect just raises the price for no reason!”. It can be difficult for brands to find a way to communicate the sustainability issues surrounding certain fabrics and the decisions they make to combat them.

Curobe loves Rose Corps because Naomi shares the entire process of her making the Rose Corps garments! She shares videos for each style so you can see what went into your piece.
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