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Eluroom endeavours to inspire women to radiate joy through their clothes. Their London made garments are beautifully elegant and bound to become staples in any wardrobe.

How you dress, your mood and mindset are interwoven quoted from eluroom
eluroom Neem vintage silk sari in celestial pink floral modelled

Eluroom was founded by Rebecca.  After years working in the fashion industry she “struggled to find a go to piece” that was “comfortable yet chic”. Eluroom creates comfortable, versatile pieces that are made for “life on the go” and to help you “power though the day”.

A collection of dresses which become wardrobe favourites and you will wear time and time again, quality over quantity quoted from eluroom

Rebecca’s 20+ years experience in the fashion industry also inspired her to place sustainability and ethics at the heart of the brand! She understands “first hand the effects of the fashion industry on the environment”. Eluroom began with a collection of dresses based on classic shapes, using sustainable deadstock or upcycled materials. The production is small and “runs in a local factory to further support the community and reduce carbon footprint”.

<em>The aspect of eluroom that Rebecca is most proud of: </em><em>The community that I am creating. I get so much joy out of people looking & feeling beautiful in an eluroom dress </em>quoted from eluroom
eluroom Ausus - vintage silk sari sapphire blue modelled

Eluroom recognises that as a sustainable business it can be difficult as “there is a great deal of conflicting information on what is sustainable”. There is a huge amount of research and understanding required to make decisions about what “stance to take” and “how to implement it” within the business.

For eluroom, the biggest benefit of employing sustainable and ethical practices in the business is that there “is something strangely satisfying in creating something desirable from material no one wants”. As well as this, Rebecca also recognises the benefit to the local business that eluroom supports through their production process.

The fashion industry is notorious for being insular as brands want to protect their IP. If they worked together in setting the standards and implementing practice, not only in bulk production but at the development stage, change would happen far more quickly quoted from eluroom

For people who are looking to move away from fast fashion and invest in more sustainable and ethical purchases, Rebecca suggests first starting with what you already have in your wardrobe. “Did you know we only wear 80% of what is in it? A simple start is to take note of what you wear on repeat by putting it on a different hanger”. By doing this you are better able to be considered about what you buy and to “think about why you want something and what will work with your wardrobe”. Reading the care label is also important as it “holds a wealth of information on the material and where it is made”. The amount of times you will wear something per pound you spend “will highlight the real value”.

“Eluroom means joy of life in Estonian”, which is where Rebecca’s father is from. Looking to the future for eluroom, Rebecca “would love people to feel a sense of joy when they hear the word and if they don’t have an eluroom dress, knowing where to get one”.

eluroom clothing are chic, classic and joyful
Curobe loves eluroom because it inspires women to have a positive mindset and using the power of their clothes to do this!


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