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Curobe Busting Fashion Myths

Some rules are made to be broken, especially when they are outdated fashion ways. There are many fashion myths that many people believe in today. Fashion is everchanging and we shouldn’t let the old conventional ways hold us back in 2023. Honestly fashion has no rules, it’s about experimenting and representing your true self. 

Myth One: Heels are more sophisticated than flats.

It is true that heels can make you feel more elegant, chic and change the way you carry yourself. However, you can improve your posture without wearing heels. Head up, shoulders back; that’s all it takes. And just because the shoe does not have a high heel doesn’t’ mean it is boring – there are some great evening styles out there. You can look sophisticated in flats, with the added bonus that being comfortable helps boost your confidence.

Close-up of people wearing heels
Cottonbro Studio
Heels vs flats

Myth Two: Certain clothes only look good if you are tall and slim

Saying a certain type of clothing, whether that’s a maxi dress of wide leg pants only look good on the idealistic ‘model’ body is a very narrow value of judgement. It has nothing to do with the clothing, but everything about how this toxic myth makes people feel about themselves and those around them. 99% of the time something doesn’t look good because of the fit or it’s not your type of style; NOT your body! Wide legged pant are great for disguising the mid-section and who hasn’t admired the curves highlighted by a great fitting dress. Using tricks such as great accessories or a belt to highlight the smallest part of your body and choosing styles that skim over the wider parts can help you look and feel great in all sorts of outfits – no matter what size or shape you are!

Myth Three: Stripes make you look wider

Stripes are everywhere at the moment – particularly on knitwear but there is an outdated myth that horizontal lines back you look wider. However, studies have shown that actually the horizontal stripe fools the eye into thinking someone is taller and leaner - who would have thought? The stripe creates a lengthening illusion and distracts the eye. So you do not need to worry about stripes as they are a staple pattern that should be in your wardrobe. 

Myth Four: You can’t mix silver and gold jewellery

Matching your jewellery has always the way it’s been, you shouldn’t mix metals. Believe it or not mixing metals is much more fashionable and stylish. Accessorising your outfit is all about mixing and matching. Consider mixing delicate and chunky jewellery as well as their colours. Layering them together is a lot more stylish then trying to match.

Person wearing a gold and silver bracelet
Esra Afsa
Mixing gold and silver jewellery

Myth Five: You can’t wear black and brown or black and blue together

Black, brown and blue are all great colours and act as ‘neutrals’ in your wardrobe – meaning they can be worn together or in combination with lighter colours. Chocolate brown trousers and a black jumper is a great effortless look for any occasion and can feel more elevated and modern than all black. You can also go for a tonal outfit with different shade sof brown or blue together.

Do you know feel a sense of relief knowing you don’t need to stress about the rules anymore? Create your own rules when it comes to fashion, try not to be restrained by these fashion myths. Anyone can wear anything as long as the fit is right and you think about the balance of shape and colour.

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