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Fit for purpose - The importance of a well thought out clothing investment

We have all experienced a shift in our lifestyle through the recent pandemic lockdowns and with the exception of the odd Zoom cocktail hour, have had little opportunity to don our glad rags or utilise the breadth of our wardrobes. With more time to contemplate our relationship with clothing, it has become clearer that even during those more social pre-pandemic days, only a small portion of what we owned actually got worn, on average 20 -30% (‘You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You’, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner).

So why is it, that so many of us often struggle with the feeling of 'having nothing to wear', despite the 70-80% unused capacity in our wardrobes?

A balancing act…

The simple fact is that every one of us gets dressed every day and fashion should not add to our daily struggles. It’s imperative that ensembles are carefully selected to fit figures and ultimately accentuate and empower your sense of aesthetic.  By balancing fit with aesthetics, we can create a more positive relationship with our clothes, which means we can better utilise our wardrobes and create less waste in the process.

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Finding a natural balance between fit and aesthetics could be the key to unlocking our wardrobe struggles

When shopping online, sizing charts add stress as bust, waist and hips measurements can vary wildly even for the same sizes, and the number assigned to each customer (8, 10, 12 etc) rarely takes into account the entirety of a woman’s figure.

Vanity sizing also adds deception with shoppers unable to embrace their true self.

Although this all makes shopping sound like a battle, you can achieve a clothing armistice through some simple actions.

  1. Prioritise transparent brands, there is a host of independent brands out there that are eager for your business.
  2. Create a capsule wardrobe containing the core staples that can be used as a basis for day-to-day dress. Build upon this with accessories and layers to see you through the seasons. For example, adapt a white blouse to work with a blazer or team with a chunky knit jumper and jeans for the weekend.
  3. Take a few minutes to use a tape measure and note down the numbers to ensure that sizing is more accurate.
  4. Mix and match online purchases with existing items and opt for durable fabrics for long lasting clothing collaborations.

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