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Our goal is to make it easy for women to introduce sustainable and ethical fashion choices into their wardrobes by focussing on one of the key problems of the purchasing journey, finding the right fit and size.  We have built Curobe to make it simple to find quality, well-fitting garments, so that conscious fashion becomes the first choice.

Our mission is to empower you to choose and buy better.

Curobe is for women who have a desire to take a more considered and conscious approach to fashion; who are looking for an alternative, not just another place to ‘buy stuff’.  We want to help you buy better and that means helping you find quality items from brands that are looking to do good, and which are a good fit for your body.  Your journey through Curobe begins with us better understanding what works for your body, based on your body shape and preferences, before we curate a selection of recommendations from our sustainable brand partners, that are based on your fit and shape profile. 

With Curobe, we hope to build a community where you can discover and access information and brands to empower you to choose and buy better, a place to curate quality and well-fitting items for the wardrobe, that will be loved and valued over time.

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We believe that shopping more consciously is about creating a wardrobe that is loved, valued and most importantly, fits well!

If you are a sustainable or ethical brand and would like to work with us, click here to find out more.

How does it work?

  1. You will be asked a few short questions about your body shape, measurements and dress preferences to create a profile.  
  2. Our curation engine will then take your profile and filter it through our wardrobe catalogue.
  3. A personalised My Curation listing of recommendations will be suggested based on your responses.  

Our recommendations are filtered against the body parameters you provide, for example, if your profile refers to broader shoulders vs hips, our curation engine will filter out items with attributes that will over-emphasise already broad shoulders and it will suggest items that will help create a more balanced silhouette.  

Where you have provided your measurements, we will also run them through the sizing parameters for each item, to ensure that My Curation will only ever show items that are available for your fit.

You can also browse all items that have been filtered out by toggling from ‘My Curation’ to view ‘All Category Items’.  If you have provided your email and chose to save your profile for a future visit, we will also learn from the items you shortlist or ‘downvote’, in order to provide more relevant recommendations to you over time and across the different item categories. 

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About Amanda Ip

Hi there - I'm Amanda, the founder of Curobe. My journey with Curobe started with a frustration of not being able to find the simplest of items for my wardrobe. Despite the plethora of choices out there, I found nothing that could help me choose and buy what I wanted, that fit my body and shape. I would just like to avoid sifting through hundreds of items, just to find a pair of smart casual trousers that fit me! That is why I started Curobe, to create a place that helps women choose and buy better, starting with the basics: finding good quality items that fit well!

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