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How To: Transform an Outfit with Simple Accessory Swaps

Social Media platforms such as Instagram are increasing social pressure to only wear an outfit once and with this popularising microtrends. Fast fashion consumerism is becoming an increasingly popular quick fix for people to have a fresh outfit for every event. In Summer 2019, Teen Vogue reported ‘Brits to spend £2.7BN on outfits they wear once’, with festival attire accounting for 7.5 million of these outfits. Here at Curobe, we believe that you can be stylish and sustainable, by embracing versatility in our wardrobes. We don’t have to spend money on short-term, single-wear garments to appear stylish and on trend, instead you can transform pieces you love and will wear time and time again. Here are some key tips and tricks to help you remodel your outfits for several different events.


From simple pieces to bold and bright, use jewellery that you love. Transform your black blouse from daywear with a dainty necklace and stud earrings to nightwear with bold dangly earrings and a long statement necklace. You can use pieces that you already own, or if you’re missing that statement jewellery piece there is no shortage of sustainable or second hand jewellery options. Decade styling is all the rage but why not make it reusable and make decade inspired outfits using vintage jewellery. Pops of colourful jewellery can draw out elements from graphic tees or summer dresses, expanding beyond the traditional silver or gold metals.

Woman in a white top with a gold necklace and silver rings
Jasmin Chew @ pexels
Don’t be afraid to mix metals. Her dainty jewellery enhances her simple white blouse


Scarves aren’t exclusive to winter, they are also effective for providing shade from the sun in summer. Elevate your outfit by playing with colourful or printed scarves. You can wear them around your neck or hair, use them as a shawl or tie as a belt to cinch an outfit. This season, scarf tops are making a comeback so why not experiment with tying your favourite scarf in new ways or as a skirt. If you desire the effect without having to wear another item, tie the scarf around the handle of your bag or around the base of your hat for that extra pop of print or colour.


The power that shoes can have on a look is no secret but we often overlook it when planning our outfits! Want to take a casual look and make it evening appropriate? You can make some simple shoe swaps and completely change your outfit! Take the classic Little Black Dress as an example. Style it with some flat shoes or trainers for a cute daytime shopping outfit! Swap out the trainers for a pair of sandals and it becomes perfect for a beach bar! Finally for a night out, pop on some heels or boots. If you think your outfit is lacking some striking juxtaposition, pair your favourite dainty outfit with some clunky military boots or pair your favourite jeans with a pair of strappy sandals.


There is something undeniably fashionable about sunglasses. You can totally change your look with some cool shades. There are so many styles which can have a different effect and can elevate your outfit tenfold. Not to mention they are practical! I personally have been loving incorporating 1970s inspired big and bright sunglasses into my looks to replicate the decade without having to buy a whole new outfit. But if big and bright aren’t your style, you can try a more classic colour and play around with the frame shape to achieve a different aesthetic!


You can completely switch up your favourite outfit by adding a belt! With a range of colours and styles available you can outfit repeat without looking the same. Elevate your look by stacking belts on a pair of jeans you love. Or alternatively change the silhouette of one of your dresses with a corset belt!


Don’t forget the power of layering. Undershirts can allow you to wear your summer clothes year-round while blazers and jackets alter the vibe from formal to streetwear. Layering is also practical for events such as concerts or festivals while still adding interest to the overall look.

Makeup and hair

A frequently overlooked yet powerful tool to change an outfit from day to night. If you are someone who wears makeup, play around with a coloured lip or new makeup look such as using a coloured eyeshadow to match to your outfit. Don’t forget to try different hairstyles and hair accessories to switch up your favourite outfits.

Woman in a red blazer, gold earrings and necklace with brown smokey eyeshadow and a bold red lipstick.
Оливия Оливия @ pexels
Her gorgeous red lipstick matches with her bright blazer and elevates her look for a glamourous outcome

Tips and tricks

There are so many quick changes that can be made, such as the difference between an untucked and tucked shirt. Don’t hesitate to search for simple styling techniques online, there are so many hacks and tutorials for numerous ways to style one item of clothing.

Most importantly, remember there are no rules to fashion. Play and experiment with your outfits and accessories to discover new looks and ways of re-wearing items. If you own a capsule wardrobe, ensure plenty of pieces work together for maximum wearability and utilise the power of accessorising to keep your outfits feeling fresh and on trend without having to buy entire new pieces. Experimenting with accessories is particularly useful for travelling and making the most of each item of clothing you take, and it is a very valuable process as we become more conscious about our shopping habits.

Transforming the simple white tee and jeans

Here is an example of how you can bring versatility to a simple outfit we all own, a t-shirt and jeans and styling it for several different events… (bare in mind the accessories can be any colour you like and own!)

Transforming a white t-shirt and blue jeans into six different outfits for six different occasions
Elise Waters
An outfit for every occasion with the same tshirt and jeans!

Daytime errands: Pair your favourite cardigan with some comfy trainers. Who said practical can’t be stylish? Elevate your look by rolling the bottoms of your jeans. Add a pair of sunglasses and your handy big bag to finish the easy-going, fashionable look.

Work (if your work allows jeans): Tuck in the t-shirt, unroll the jeans, and add a blazer for business chic. Match the colours of your accessories to look minimalist, refined,  and put together.

Night out: If you want to, crop the t-shirt by tucking it into your bra or tying it up. Add your coolest jacket and a red lip to make a statement.

Brunch: An open oversized shirt instantly transforms the outfit, add some nice jewellery, a pair of heels and a bold belt. You’re set for a brunch date with your friends.

Festival: The best excuse to play with colour! Don’t be afraid to layer and experiment, festival outfits are all about over-accessorising. If you prefer something less bright, pick one colour and run with it for a pop of colour.

Picnic: Comfy sliders to slip on and off are a must! Layer your favourite blouse over or under your t-shirt and put on a headband or a hair ribbon to lean into picnic chic Pinterest aesthetics. But remember to make them suit YOU!

When exploring your style, it’s important to try on combinations that scare you because you may be surprised with the outcome. Accessories add versatility and individuality to even the simplest garments, tying the ensemble together while adding interesting details and personality. There are unlimited options when accessorising, mainly because there are so many accessories that go beyond jewellery alone. Oscar De La Renta once said, “A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.” So, regardless of your gender, accessorise!


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