Brava Fabrics

Spain Based Designer

Brava Fabrics is a Barcelona based brand that creates gorgeous staple pieces for any wardrobe. Their focus on fair fashion drives the creative process, from designs, materials to manufacturing.

Being sustainable is much more than using sustainable materials quoted from Brava Fabrics

Brava Fabrics was founded in Barcelona where the brand made home in an old warehouse which they refurbished. Initially they were a “mono product brand”. They made “printed shirts for men with colourful and funny patterns”. However, since its conception the brand has evolved and diversified, creating a range of garments for both men and women! There still some items that recall the first collection but Brava Fabrics have now found “a style, an identity, a DNA and values that say more” about them “than just patterns”!

Brava Fabrics sees sustainability as more than just using sustainable materials. It’s about “respecting everyone in the supply chain, people and the environment” and their own employees.  They pride themselves greatly on their diverse team, with 4 languages spoken in their office every day! As well as this, Brava sees it as a responsibility to educate the customer on issues of sustainability; to differentiate between greenwashing and true sustainability and to care for their garments effectively so they last longer!

The aspect of Brava Fabrics that they are most proud of: The human team we build quoted from Brava Fabrics

Brava Fabric’s biggest challenge in implementing sustainable and ethical practice in their business is that “Spain is the cradle of fast fashion brands” so price is a factor that they find difficult to communicate! They have begun to overcome this issue by understanding where to “to look to find the customers which really respect” their work.

Brava has chosen to be sustainable because it’s the right thing to do. They believe that in order for there to be progression and change in the fashion industry brands need to make the decision to be more sustainable and ethical for the right reasons and not as a “marketing lever”.

Buy less, but buy only things you love quoted from Brava Fabrics

For Brava, the biggest benefit of employing more sustainable and ethical practices is that “people want to join the company” and to shop from them. Their morals and values encourage people to want to be apart of what they are doing because of how they do things!

As for the future of Brava Fabrics, they want to “lead the ecological transition of the fashion industry”.

Brava Fabrics are diverse, stylish and staples
Curobe loves Brava Fabrics because with every purchase they pledge to contribute to ocean bound plastic clean up and for trees to planted!
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