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Jenerous places fair trade at the heart of what they do. Beautifully stylish, timeless and versatile pieces which support the people that make them and their communities in India.

I was inspired to use my skills and experience in the fashion industry to change lives and make a positive difference quoted from Jenerous

Jenerous was founded by Jenny who was inspired by her first visit to India. She “saw the extreme poverty and need for employment” and recognised that she could use her knowledge, skills and experience in the fashion industry to have a true impact on the people living in desperate situations.

Jenerous supports communities in India by employing artisans to create the garments and investing money back into their communities. Jenny, the founder, “wanted to create a social enterprise brand that supported communities in India”, the brand endeavours to empower and give back to these communities.

For us sustainable and ethical fashion is about prioritising people and the planet, which is at the heart of our brand ethos quoted from Jenerous

Initially, Jenerous launched the brand selling “ethical occasion dresses for women and girls”. Changing circumstances and customer needs called for an extension of this and they now offer and are developing more daywear styles. So not only are you able to find a beautiful dress to wear on any occasion but also things for everyday!

Jenerous pride themselves on “being a brand that wants to make a positive difference”. During the pandemic they were able to have a significant positive impact by supporting their partner factory in Bangalore. They ensure that they are doing the best that they can “for people and the planet at this time and stage” of their business.

As a small business, one of the difficulties that Jenerous has faced is “high minimums for sustainable fabrics”, which in turn drives the price up for the final product. As well as this, there are also “costs associated with getting certifications to support” their ethics and sustainability.

I think that if people start to ask the questions about who and how their clothes have been made they will understand that there is a better choice that is worth paying a little extra for quoted from Jenerous

Looking to the future for the fashion industry, Jenerous would like to see an emphasis placed on the supply chains. Jenny suggests that it is “great to see a move to sustainability” and as part of this, businesses need to ensure that the people within their supply chain “have safe and fair working conditions and pay”.

For the future of Jenerous, Jenny wants to grow their business and customer base in order to “provide more people with stylish, affordable ethical clothing”, whilst maintaining and increasing their positive impact on people and the planet!

Jenerous are positive, fair trade and supportive
Curobe loves Jenerous because they support that Jenerous gives to the communities which it employs to create its garments.
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