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Curobe’s Top to Bottom Styling Tips for: Tall Ladies

Each one of us has a different relationship with our body, the clothes we wear and the way that clothes make us feel! Here at Curobe we want to empower you to feel like the best version of yourself when you get dressed. Finding clothes that make you feel incredible about your body will make you look your best.

Styling tips for a taller frame or a tall body shape:  If you are 5”9 (175cm) or taller, have an inseam measurement that is 32” (81cm) or longer and often find that trousers and sleeves are too short, then you are likely to be in the tall body shape category Here are Curobe’s Tips to make the most out of your height with the clothes you wear!

Let’s take it from the Top

The best place to start when searching for the right top is generally with the neckline. Taller women can opt for different necklines to achieve different goals. If you want to elongate your torso and neckline (perhaps to balance out more length in the legs), then a V-neck or scoop neckline will be a safe bet. If you already have a longer neckline, you can balance this  natural length with styles like turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks, halter necks or a high cut blouse. Finding the correct length sleeves can also be difficult for taller women, a great way to counteract this is to consider three quarter length sleeves or mid-length sleeves which can be much more forgiving!  Tunic style tops can also be a good option for taller women as they can be the perfect length!

A girl facing away from the camera wearing a burgundy chunky knit turtle neck jumper with blue horizontal stripes at the end of the sleeves
Mirla Beane
A beautiful Turtle Neck from Mirla Beane

Layer it up!

For a taller woman the most classic style of jacket is a longline jacket, you are able to pull off the length of this style perfectly! A tailored jacket, which is also long but shapes in at the waist can also be an excellent alternative, particularly if you are looking to add some curves. Another thing to consider when you are layering things up is that your height gives you versatility with looser, oversized garments. Generally, you are able to pull off an oversized shirt much better with the added height!

Bottoms Up

Most brands stock jeans or trousers with longer inseams, so the first tip is to know what your inseam measurement is, when you go into the shops or buy something online.  It is a great way to ensure that you are getting the best fit from your bottoms. Often people feel the most comfortable in high waisted garments, however, we would challenge the taller women to play around with the height of your waistline! Depending on your proportions, lower rise jeans or even ultra-high rise jeans might look the most flattering on you. In terms of shape, a straight jean with a slim or tapering fit towards the ankle is a super flattering cut.  Finally, play around with bold prints and colours, especially if you have some additional length in the legs. We promise you, you won’t regret buying those crazy bottoms!

Don’t Skirt around it

Maxi or Midi skirts are a great option for taller women!  They accentuate your long legs whilst also allowing you the freedom to create whatever shape you want from the top. If you wanted something a little different why not try a long skirt with a slit up the leg- it can be a high slit or something more modest. The height also allows you to easily rock a mini skirt as an alternative. Don’t be put off by the idea that you might have a bit of leg on show. You could pair the mini skirt with a boxy top or oversized jacket to equally accentuate the top half, or pair the skirt with some nice opaque or patterned tights.

A woman standing with a light blue halter neck top; a darker blue maxi skirt with a pink and purple turtle pattern on it
Stunning example of a perfect Maxi Skirt from Mayamiko

Dress it up

As with the skirts, a maxi or midi dress can look stunning on taller women. The length of the garment stylishly highlights your legs and height. To dress it up and enhance your curves, opt for a tighter fit, like  a bodycon or fitted knit.  For something more casual, a loose maxi dress can also be easily paired with boots, flats or trainers depending on the style and occasion.  Having a little bit of leg showing can be really flattering as well and help break things up! Jumpsuits can also compliment taller women as they perfectly accentuate your height, with heels being optional, even for longer cuts!

A woman in an outdoor setting wearing a checkered long maxi dress with a slit up one side
Rulo Davila @ pexels
Try a bolder print or colourful maxi dress for a big wow factor!

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